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Explore one of the world's greatest wonders with our private and small group Machu Picchu tours

Best Private Machu Picchu Tours & Trips For 2023/2024

Machu Picchu in Peru, is on many a bucket list and a dream place to anyone on the planet. This famous lost city of the Incas is all breathtaking that even rivals the Chinese great wall, the Egyptian pyramids, and so forth. It is a must-visit place while visiting Peru.

Best Private Machu Picchu Tours & Trips For 2023/2024

Peru Customized Tours
Family Tours by local Experts
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Private Guide-Led Tours
Unique Experiences in Peru

Discover the best ways to explore Machu Picchu and all its amazing secrets with our Machu Picchu tours

Explore our Machu Picchu Tours, Private & Tailor-Made Experiences with Local Guides

Travel to Peru and experience our exclusive Machu Picchu Private Tours and tailor-made itineraries by local experts! Immerse yourself in the Peruvian Andes with top-notch private tours to Machu Picchu to explore the highlight of Peru and Machu Picchu with expert private tour guides and experience the fascinating history and vibrant scenery of southern Peru at your own pace by taking our best and unforgettable private tours that suit you Peru travel preference.

A journey to the Lost City of the Incas is a trip of a lifetime and so you will want to prepare yourself properly, and know the best private tours and trips to Machu Picchu that are offered in Peru. There are many ways to travel to Machu Picchu either by train, from Cuzco or Ollantaytambo, or by trekking along the footsteps of the Incas, along the iconic Inca Trail or the lesser-known Lares Inca trail, but boarding the train is the most popular and comfortable option.

Looking for the best way to visit Machu Picchu? Our private tours offer a unique and personalized tour, allowing you to full immerse yourself in the magic of this iconic site of Machu Picchu through the eyes of a local private guide at your own pace! All the tour packages of Peru Spirit Adventure arrive at Machu Picchu Citadel, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and the most famous archaeological site in Peru and, arguably, all of South America.

Set off on a thrilling adventure to discover Machu Picchu with expert private tour guides and the best local company, either by train, or by trekking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, and experience one of the world’s most notable bucket list, the living history and Incan citadels, enjoy postcard-worthy landscapes, and explore one of Peru’s most enchanting and historic Inca citadels on a private tour Machu Picchu by train or doing a trek, with an exclusive guided tour for you, your family or friends.

Experience one of the world’s greatest wonders exactly how you want to with our private Machu Picchu tours by traveling through history and dramatic vistas as you embark on a bucket list journey to Machu Picchu, uncover the Incan cities in the Sacred Valley, in the remoteness of the mountains, interacting with the local Quechua people and experiencing their culture, music, language, and cuisine with a premier private guide. Journeying through this southern region on a luxury or private trip to Peru will make for an unforgettable first-time trip.

With Peru Spirit Adventure you get to choose from various tour packages to Machu Picchu that may include Cusco City, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, or the latest attraction of Rainbow Mountain. You can also choose as a part of you tour to hike to Machu Picchu starting at KM 104 on the last stretch of the Inca Trail, arriving to Machu Picchu through the famous Sun Gate. You get to choose your tour that best fits your needs.

All our Machu Picchu private tours have been crafted by local experts that has done 1000+ tours and the Co-Founder & President of Peru Spirit Adventure™. These private tours deliver fantastic premium travel experiences that combine bus and train from Cusco to Aguas Calientes. But, others can get there hiking the famous Inca Trail and return by train. In both cases, this epic journey passes through the stunning landscapes of Peru’s Sacred Valley of the Incas, with stops along the way to explore the local culture and history.

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The Best Machu Picchu Private Tours for 2023 & 2024

Looking for fully customizable tours to Machu Picchu? Look no further! Here is the best of what is on offer on Machu Picchu private tours. Below, we offer our wide selection of luxury Machu Picchu private tours to suit your every need. From quick day trips to a more relaxed, two-day train journey and more, all feature a visit to the iconic Inca citadel and tour of Machu Picchu. We have the Machu Picchu tours for you. Contact us to plan your Machu Picchu experience complete with luxury accommodations, private transfers, and local, English-speaking guides from start to finish.

Feel free to browse these sample itineraries for inspiration, and start thinking about what you want to experience during your customized travel to Machu Picchu. At Peru Spirit Adventure we want you to have the experience of your dreams, not someone else’s, and we are here to talk through your ideas and help make your dreams a reality

1-Day Machu Picchu Tour from Cusco
Day Trip from Cusco

THE BEST Machu Picchu 1-Day Tour from Cusco

Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu

1-Day Machu Picchu Tour from Cusco

Travel to Machu Picchu by train in a private and customized service. Embark on an incredible journey to the lost city of the Incas in combination with bus and train, and make the most of your private full day Machu Picchu tour with local experts.

Enjoy the best day of your life on a Machu Picchu one day tour. This 1-day Machu Picchu trip is ideal for travellers who have a very tight schedule.

Max Altitude:

2,430 m / 7,972 ft

Activity Level:

Leisurely (Easy, gentle walk, stone steps)

Group Size:

100% Private Tour - Only You and Your Party

Full Day Tour
per person
Private Machu Picchu tour with Vistadome Train
One Day Trip

Tour To Machu Picchu With Vistadome Train 1 Day

The Incan citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru

Private Machu Picchu tour with Vistadome Train

Explore Machu Picchu in a private Private Tour onboard the Vistadome trains. Explore the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu on a private full-day tour from Cusco. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Machu Picchu on this private day tour from Cusco.

Experience one of the most fantastic train rides on the planet and then enjoy a guided tour of Machu Picchu with an experienced, local tour guide who will explain the architecture, history and daily life of its inhabitants.

Max Altitude:

2,400 m / 7,874 ft

Activity Level:

Leisurely (Easy, gentle walk, stone steps)

Group Size:

Min 2 ppl, Max 8 ppl

Full Day Tour
per person
Best 2 Day Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Tour

Best 2 Day Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Tour

Chinchero/Moray/Maras/Ollantaytambo or Pisac/Ollantaytambo

Best 2 Day Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Tour

Explore the best of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu and Peru’s most impressive and historic sites on a 2-days tour from Cusco with a private tour guide. Enjoy the best trip to Machu Picchu through the famous Sacred Valley on this 2-day package.

Uncover all the secrets of the Inca culture as you explore Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Salt Mines, local markets and Machu Picchu with this 2-day Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu tour.

Max Altitude:

3,440 m / 11,286 ft

Activity Level:

Leisurely (Easy, gentle walk, stone steps)

Group Size:

Min 2 ppl, Max 8 ppl

2 Day
per person
2-Day Moray, Maras Salt Mines and Machu Picchu Guided Tour

2-Day Maras, Moray Salt Mines and Machu Picchu Tour

Moray archaeological site, Salt Mines of Maras, ruins of Machu Picchu

2-Day Moray, Maras Salt Mines and Machu Picchu Guided Tour

Enjoy a 2-day tour traveling to Peru’s historic Sacred Valley. Visit the Moray archaeological site, the Maras Salt Mine, and Machu Picchu on a guided tour. Experience the rich Inca heritage by exploring the ruins and browsing the vibrant local market.

Embark a journey to Machu Picchu through the Mystical Maras Moray and its Salt Mines, overnight in Aguas Calientes and experience the breathtaking beauty of Machu Picchu on a Machu Picchu’s two-day package.

Max Altitude:

3,750 m / 12,303 ft

Activity Level:

Leisurely (Easy, gentle walk, stone steps)

Group Size:

Min 2 ppl, Max 8 ppl

2 Days & 1 Nights
per person
Tour To Machu Picchu 3 Days + Cusco City Tour + Sacred Valley

THE BEST Machu Picchu 3-Day Tour Package

Cusco - Sacsayhuaman - Qoricancha - Sacred Valley of the Incas - Machu Picchu

Tour To Machu Picchu 3 Days + Cusco City Tour + Sacred Valley

Come and see Cusco and Machu Picchu, and explore the most visited Inca sites as you immerse in the history & culture in this 3-day trip to Cusco, Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley.

Explore some of the most fascinating Inca ruins and cultural sites in Peru with our 3-day tour in package, which includes a Cusco city tour, Sacred Valley tour, and tour of Machu Machu Picchu.

Max Altitude:

3,750 m / 12,303 ft

Activity Level:

Light-Moderate (Easy, gentle walk, stone steps)

Group Size:

Min 2 ppl, Max 8 ppl

3-Day Tour Packages
per person
Sacred Valley & Short Inca Trail Hike
Inca Trail Sacred Valley 3 days Adventure

Sacred Valley Tour & Short Inca Trail 3 Days

Peru's Sacred Valley - Ollantaytambo - Km 104 - WiñayWayna - Inti Punku - Machu Picchu

Sacred Valley & Short Inca Trail Hike

Explore the best of the Sacred Valley and the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 3 days and 2 nights tours from Cusco. This tour is the perfect combination of history, culture, and adventure.

Max Altitude:

2,720 m/ 8,924ft

Activity Level:


Group Size:

Min 2 ppl, Max 8 ppl

3 Days & 2 Nights
per person
Best Guided Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain Tour 5 Days

5 Day Machu Picchu Tour and Rainbow Mountain

Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain

Best Guided Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain Tour 5 Days

In this 5 days tour through Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain you will be able to see all the most beautiful places that Cusco has to offer.

Explore the best of Cusco city, the Sacred Valley tour, Machu Picchu Citadel, and the Rainbow Mountain with an Authentic Local Expert. Discover the ancient landmarks of the Inca Empire and unamissable destinations of Cusco with a private guide on a 5-day tour from Cusco.

Max Altitude:

5,200 m /17,060 ft

Activity Level:

Moderate (high altitude)

Group Size:

Min 2 ppl, Max 8 ppl

5 Days & 4 Nights Tour Package
per person
Sacred Valley + Short Inca Trail + Rainbow Mountain Tour – 4 Days / 3 Nights

Sacred Valley, 2 day Inca Trail & Rainbow Mountain 4D/3N

Sacred Valley + Short Inca Trail + Rainbow Mountain Tour – 4 Days / 3 Nights

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our super customized 4 day itinerary of the Sacred Valley, 2 Day Short Inca Trail hike, and the incredible Rainbow Mountain.

This tour is perfect for those who want both the ancient Inca history and outdoor adventure in ONE amazing tour! Visit the most important places that Sacred Valley offer. Trek the short yet beautiful Inca Trail to the famous Machu Picchu. Then experience the spectacular colors of the Rainbow Mountain.

Max Altitude:

5,200 m / 17,000 ft

Activity Level:

Active / Moderate to challenging

Group Size:

Min 2 ppl, Max 8 ppl

4 Days / 3 Nights Tour Package
from$ 0.00
per person

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Best Private Machu Picchu Tours & Trips For 2023/2024

Guided Machu Picchu Hiking Tours & Trips

Every journey we design is carefully curated and completely bespoke, fine-tuned to your passions and interests. Experience jaw-dropping natural wonders, mysterious ancient civilisations, diverse indigenous culture and unique wildlife with some of the best trek combinations in Peru and South America.

Short Inca Trail 2 Days to Machu Picchu Hike w/Hotel
2 day Inca Trail tour

Short Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu 2 Days

Cusco - Ollantaytambo - Km 104 - Chachabamba - Wiñaywayna - Sun Gate - Machu Picchu

Short Inca Trail 2 Days to Machu Picchu Hike w/Hotel

Embark on a 2-day Inca Trail Hike with Peru’s #1 tour operator! Experience the Inca Trail, Sun Gate and Machu Picchu in only two days.

Hike the Inca Trail with no camping! Visit Machu Picchu! With our Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Tour! The Short Inca Trail includes one day of hiking, overnight in Aguas Calientes and a day to explore Machu Picchu. We offers a customizable two day, one night adventure on this famous trail.

Max Altitude:

2,720 m / 8,924 ft

Activity Level:


Group Size:

Min 2 ppl, Max 8 ppl

2 day Inca Trail tour
from$ 650.00
per person
Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain Trek 3 Days

Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain Trek 3 Days

Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain Trek 3 Days

Max Altitude:

5,100 m / 16,732 ft

Activity Level:

Challenging (Strenuous, lengthy, high altitude)

Group Size:

Min 2 ppl, Max 8 ppl

3 Days & 2 Nights
per person


Your tour and trips to Machu Picchu on private service either by foot or train journey with local experts in Peru, are unique. Because you will explore Machu Picchu “One of Peru’s most enthralling destinations with a thriving culture and spellbinding scenery” with English-speaking guides who have worked taking travelers and tourists on famous hiking trails such as: Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek, Choquequirao Trek, Ausangate TrekLares Trek and Expeditions through the Peruvian Andes for countless times.

In addition, they have been in Machu Picchu more than 600 times, which guarantees that your trip will be a unique and 100% satisfying experience in life.

Our personalized tours to Machu Picchu and travel packages are the best itinerary of your trip to Peru that will allow you to experience some of the best places in Cusco such as: walking through the streets and hidden and typical places of Cusco, walking through the ancient ruins in the Sacred Valley, and rainbow mountain of Peru “Vinicunca”. Each package is guaranteed to offer top-value tours.

Choose your tours and places you would like to explore in Cusco, from year-round departures on the popular journeys and less popular hikes, and find the perfect Machu Picchu tour package for your upcoming Peru vacation. Private tours and hikes to Machu Picchu!

Classic Tour of the Sacred Valley

How to Plan the Perfect Trip to the Sacred Valley, The choice is yours

The Sacred Valley is a highlight of any custom Peru tour—Custom Sacred Valley Tours can be started from any point of Cusco, Sacred Valley/Urubamba, and Airport, it doesn’t matter where you are. All tours include Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs to the respective hotels, whether you are in Cusco, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Airport or another place, and can be extended to Machu Picchu and combined with other exciting tours like Cusco City Tour, Tour to Rainbow Mountain, Day Trip to Humantay Lagoon, Etc. We also offer a tour that particularly combines the Sacred Valley tour and Machu Picchu which is a 2 day/1-night tour, so please contact us if you want more information about this itinerary.

Our tours will be conducted under the guidance of experienced guides who grew up in this region and who have a true passion for teaching their heritage. Book our day tour to Peru’s Sacred Valley in advance, which offers a safe and well-organized experience! If you stay in Ollantaytambo or Urubamba after your trip to Machu Picchu, enjoy the highlights of the Sacred Valley, we also offer Sacred Valley Tour from Ollantaytambo to Cusco for you not to miss out on anything on your way back to Cusco.

What you need to take for Machu Picchu Tour from Cusco

  • Clothing: The weather in the Machu Picchu changes quickly, so bring a lot of layers to be prepared. Pack t-shirts and add warmth with long-sleeve clothing and a fleece jacket. Lightweight pants for hiking.
  • Footwear: Comfortable hiking shoes or athletic sneakers with good traction are perfect for walking up to and around the Inca archaeological complexes. Multi-day hikes you will definitely want the boots for ankle support.
  • Sun protection: Don’t forget your hat, glasses, and sunblock for sun protection.
  • Day excursions: When traveling outside Cusco for a day. Bring a daypack with snug straps to carry your water, camera, snacks and other personal belongings.
  • Rainy season: During the rainy season months, pack a waterproof jacket or a travel-size umbrella or plastic ponchos. Plastic ponchos are also available to buy in Cusco and the Sacred Valley.
  • Bottled wáter: It is not recommended to drink tap water in Peru. But staying hydrated is important for preventing altitude sickness.
  • Money: It is good to have small bills and coins in the Sacred Valley because market vendors and small stores may not have adequate change to break larger bills.
  • Snacks: Energy bars, candies, cookies, etc (you can also buy fresh fruits at one of the villages’ markets).
  • Insect repellent: There are mosquitoes in the secred valley.
  • Portable chargers: It is recommended to bring charger because phone batteries run out quicky.
  • Toilet paper: Some toilets dont have toilet paper and antibacterial hand gel.
  • Some small plastic bags for disposals.

Our Best Seller

If you have a love for adventure and enjoying some of the best hiking routes in the world, our best of Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu Tour from Cusco is for you. It combines the most famed archaeological site in South America and the most incredible scenery you can imagine. Join us on your own, in a couple, or as part of a group.

inca 1

Machu Picchu And Sacred Valley 2 Days Tour

Explore the best of the Sacred Valley and the most famed archaeological site in South America - Machupicchu from Cusco ...

2 Day | Starting From: $ per person


Here is the best of what is on offer on Machu Picchu private tours, take advantage of our full Day Sacred Valley Tours where you will encounter magnificent Inca ruins and temples, beautiful terraced mountains and shop in wonderful Indian Markets. Scroll down our main list of Machu Picchu Private Tours that we have selected for you to reach this wonderful place, these tours are completely customizable and make multi-day tours according to your interest and budget. Contact us to get more info or shoot us an e-mail

2-Day Moray, Maras Salt Mines and Machu Picchu Guided Tour

2 Days Tour

2 Days Tour Maras Moray & Machu Picchu

From: $ per person
Visit the Maras Salt Mines, Moray site and enjoy train journey, finally arriving at Machu

View more
3-Day Sacsayhuaman, Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Tour

3 Days Tour

NEW Machu Picchu Tour 3 Days w/ Sacsayhuaman

From: $ per person
Discover the most famous Inca ruins on this 3-day trip to Sacsayhuaman, Sacred Valley and

View more
Sacred Valley & Short Inca Trail Hike

3 Days Tour

Short Inca Trail + Sacred Valley - 3 Days

From: $ per person
Embark on this 3 days Inca Trail Sacred Valley tour to Machu Picchu and visit two importan

View more

Highlight of Machu Picchu

The Pisac archaeological site is located at the beginning of the Sacred Valley. It is considered one of the region's most important Incan sites, mainly known for its impressive agricultural terraces and beautiful hilltop views.

The site is believed to have been constructed during the Incan Empire (1438-1532) and served as a strategic military and religious center for the Incas. The ruins at Pisac include a temple complex, a residential area, and several administrative and military buildings.

One of the most impressive features of Pisac is its agricultural terraces, built into the steep mountainside and used for farming crops such as corn, potatoes, and quinoa. The terraces were designed to maximize irrigation and prevent erosion, and they are still used by local farmers today.

Pisac Market is a vibrant outdoor market located in the town of Pisac. It is famous for its colorful displays of handicrafts, textiles, and traditional Peruvian foods.

The market is open daily, but it is especially lively on Sundays when vendors from the surrounding villages come to sell their goods. Visitors to Pisac Market can browse various products, including alpaca wool clothing, ceramics, jewelry, and musical instruments.

One of the market's highlights is its selection of traditional Peruvian foods. Vendors sell freshly prepared dishes such as roasted guinea pig, ceviche, empanadas, and various fruits, vegetables, and spices. Visitors can also sample traditional Peruvian drinks such as chicha, a fermented corn drink, and pisco, a grape brandy that is the national drink of Peru.

Ollantaytambo is a small town located approximately 38 miles (61 km) from Cusco. It is known for its well-preserved Incan ruins and its role as a transportation hub for travelers to Machu Picchu.

Ollantaytambo was named one of the world's best tourist villages by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The town was recognized for its well-preserved Incan architecture, rich cultural heritage, and role as a gateway to Machu Picchu.
The UNWTO's "Best Tourism Villages" initiative aims to promote sustainable tourism in rural areas and to recognize the vital role that small villages can play in the tourism industry.

The selection criteria for the initiative include the preservation of cultural heritage, the promotion of local products and services, and the implementation of sustainable tourism practices.

Moray is an archaeological site located in the upper part of the Sacred Valley, approximately 31 miles (50 km) from Cusco. It is known for its impressive circular terraces that the Incas used for agricultural experiments.

The terraces at Moray were built into a natural depression in the earth, and they are arranged in concentric circles that decrease in size as they descend. The Incas used these terraces to test different agricultural techniques and grow crops, including corn, potatoes, and quinoa.

One of the most exciting features of Moray is its microclimates. The temperature at the center of the circular terraces is several degrees warmer than at the edges, creating a range of growing conditions that allowed the Incas to test the adaptability of different crops to different climates.

They are also known as the "Ciudad de las Portadas," a nickname given to the town of Maras due to its numerous colonial-era doorways and arches, known as "portadas" in Spanish. These doorways are a distinctive feature of the town's architecture and are highly valued for their historical and cultural significance.

Many of the "portadas" in Maras are made of carved stone and feature intricate designs and motifs. They were built by Spanish colonizers in the 16th and 17th centuries and were used to mark the entrances to important buildings and homes.

The "portadas" is an important part of Maras' cultural heritage, and the town takes great pride in preserving them. The local government has implemented measures to protect and restore the doorways. Visitors to Maras can take guided tours to learn about the history and significance of these unique architectural features.

The Salt Ponds of Maras, also known as Salineras de Maras, is a series of salt evaporation ponds in the Sacred Valley at 3200 m (10498 ft). The salt ponds have been used since pre-Columbian times and are still operated using traditional methods today.

The salt ponds are situated on a steep hillside just outside the town of Maras and cover an area of several hectares. They consist of thousands of small terraced pools that are filled with salty water from a natural underground stream. The water is left to evaporate in the sun, leaving behind salt crystals that local families harvest.

The salt from the Salineras de Maras is highly valued for its purity and unique flavor. It is used for cooking and preserving food, as well as for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. The salt is also an important source of income for local families, who work together to maintain the ponds and harvest the salt.

Chinchero is a small Andean town located at 3,762 m (12,343 ft). It is known as the "Land of Great Weavers" due to the town's rich textile traditions, passed down through generations. The local people are skilled in weaving intricate patterns and designs into textiles using traditional techniques and natural dyes.

Chinchero is also home to a beautiful archaeological site with a large colonial church built on top of an Inca palace. The church, known as the Church of Our Lady of Monserrat, was built by the Spanish in the early 17th century using stones taken from the nearby Inca site.

The Inca palace, located underneath the church, is believed to have been built by the Inca ruler Tupac Yupanqui. The palace featured impressive stonework and a large central courtyard and was likely used for ceremonial and administrative purposes.

In addition to its cultural and historical significance, Chinchero is known for its stunning views of the Andes Mountains and its vibrant local markets, where visitors can purchase handcrafted textiles and other artisanal goods.

Mirador Taray is a scenic viewpoint located in the Sacred Valley. It is known for its stunning panoramic mountains, valleys, and farmland views.

The viewpoint is approximately 3,800 meters (12,500 feet) above sea level. It offers visitors a breathtaking view of the region's natural beauty. From Mirador Taray, you can see the Urubamba River winding its way through the valley below and the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains in the distance.


Machu Picchu Inca Citadel — The Best Tourist Attraction In The World

Machu Picchu Inca site is a phenomenal icon of Peru and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1983. Nowadays it is one of the seven new wonders of the World and the most important attraction of Peru. The Inca citadel perched 2400 m / 7,874ft. above the Urubamba Valley. We understand that for most people, visiting Machu Picchu is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and on Machu Picchu private tours, we will make sure every detail is perfect.

  • Machu Picchu is of great value to Peru not only for its touristic attraction or demonstration of an ingenious native culture, but also because of the diverse ecosystem. Spread over 32 thousand hectares, the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu is believed to nurture about 10% of the fauna and 22% of the flora found in Peru. On the citadel itself you just may bump into one of these woolly creatures.
  • The word most often repeated by visitors to Machu Picchu is impressive. To visit Machu Picchu is the opportunity to be exposed to the architectural feat of the Incas, a unique combination of man and nature. The craftsmanship of the Incas to cut large stones into polygonal shapes make this structure a splendor to observe.
  • The backdrop to the panoramic views of Machu Picchu, this mountain provides the best vantage point. Meaning “young mountain” in Quechua, Huayna Picchu reaches 2,667 meters high, making it over 200 meters taller than the “old mountain”, Machu Picchu. Though the climb up does not require any technical skills, the 1000-foot ascent is quite steep.

Best way to visit Machu Picchu

A) Tour to Machu Picchu by Train

Tre most popular way to visit Machu Picchu is embarking on a scenic journey by train along the bank of the Urubamba River. Passing through the Sacred Valley and small isolated villages with spectacular vistas of Peru´s Andes and snow-capped mountains before arriving at Machu Picchu village and at a more leisurely fashion – compared to those choosing to hike to Machu Picchu. For visiting the phenomenal icon of Peru “Machu Picchu” high above.

B) Tour to Machu Picchu on Foot – Hiking the Inca Trail

The most popular hiking trail in South America – perhaps the world. Is the high-altitude Inca Trail to Machu Picchu nearly 14,000 feet with an amazing view through the cloud forest toward the Sun Gate to arrive to the sacred city of Machu Picchu. Also, we offer Alternative Inca Trails “Off the Beaten Path” to Machu Picchu with a unique experience. All travelers must acclimatize before starting the trek in Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Explore one of the most legendary Inca roads that link the city of Cusco with the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail. Of course, there are plenty of other trail options but all will lead you through beautiful landscapes and ancient ruins.

At the Puerta del Sol the clouds and fog begin to dissipate to uncover the citadel; this experience, and all of majestic Machu Picchu, is a priceless encounter. Located at 7,972 feet above sea level (2,430 meters), the citadel is actually at a lower altitude than the city of Cusco (11,152 feet)

On our Machu Picchu private tours and trips, we´ll visit Cusco and explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas and catch the train to Machu Picchu village located along the Urubamba river bank. For the adventurous, hiking the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu- is one of Peru´s most famous trek and South America – perhaps the world. You can discover Machu Picchu for yourself with Peru Spirit Adventure. Contact us to start planning your trip to the Lost City of the Incas “Machu Picchu”. We are an expert local company based in Cusco for helping to design the perfect tour by train, on foot – Hiking the Inca Trail or Alternative Inca Trail Off the Beaten Path. “Machu Picchu tours”

Facts about Cusco


THE SACRED VALLEY – The stunning SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS in the Cusco region is one of the most popular destinations on our tours in Peru and, one of the most visited not only in Peru but also in all South America. The Sacred Valley is tucked between Cusco and Machu Picchu, in the Peruvian Andes and located in the north of Cusco, running along the Urubamba River from Pisac to Ollantaytambo.

The Sacred Valley of Peru is a relaxing and incomparably beautiful place hidden beneath of the formidable foothills of the Urubamba mountain range. Along the Sacred Valley of the Incas from Pisac to Ollantaytambo, there are many Inca and pre-Inca remains, all of them aligned on the route between Cusco and the citadel of Machu Picchu. Also, the Sacred Valley in Cusco is a peaceful area to spend some time wandering through markets or soaking up the local culture.

What was the Sacred Valley of the Incas in ancient times? The Sacred Valley of the Incas was a crucial area for the ancient Inca civilization and it functioned as both an agricultural, spiritual and political center for them and, adored for its fertile soil, perfect climate, natural resources, and strategic position. Where through the valley rolls the revered Rio Urubamba (known in Quechua Wilcamayu by the Incas), a pivotal religious element of the Incas’ cosmology.

The Incas believed not only that the flow of the Urubamba was inexorably tied to the constellations and the mountain peaks, but also that the river was the earthbound counterpart of the Milky Way. Furthermore, the Sacred Urubamba River is the main source of the longest river in the world known as Amazon.

On the other hand, the Sacred Valley still retains many of its ancient features, such as traditional dress, spiritual ceremonies, language, and an intrinsic connection to Pacha Mama, Mother Earth, in all aspects of everyday life.

Our Sacred Valley private day tours, Tailor-made is done between the magnificent Incan archaeological sites found from Pisaq to Ollantaytambo at either end of the valley and in between we offer tours of ancient Inca salt mines, the archaeological site of Moray, local farms and non-touristic markets and unique cultural adventure through Sacred Valley of the Incas ensuring you have the best quality tour service.

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Machu Picchu Travel Guide

Here is the best of what is on offer on Machu Picchu private tours, take advantage of our full Day Sacred Valley Tours where you will encounter magnificent Inca ruins and temples, beautiful terraced mountains and shop in wonderful Indian Markets. Scroll down our main list of Machu Picchu Private Tours that we have selected for you to reach this wonderful place, these tours are completely customizable and make multi-day tours according to your interest and budget. Contact us to get more info or shoot us an e-mail


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Ronnie M
Ronnie M
Amazing Our experiences on the Inca trail with Peru spirit was wonderful! I was very impressed with their excellent communication and their attention to details. Adolfo was our guide and went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. I look forward to returning v
Daria S
Daria S
Great travel company Great experience, enjoyed hiking with Peru Spirit Adventures and seeing the Wonder of the World. Adolfo was an amazing guide - he was helping a lot!
Katie Tofani
Katie Tofani
Will be rebooking in the future This trip with Efra was so amazing! He took great care ensuring we were doing well during the climb in elevation which was greatly appreciated! He was so knowledgeable and made it clear he loves his job, I would definitely recommend this company and Efra as a guide!!
Belinda G
Belinda G
Amazing Rainbow Mountain Tour Peru Spirit Adventure is amazing! I would highly recommend their Rainbow Mountain tour and definitely ask for Efra Quispe to be your tour guide! My daughter got sick the night before our tour and they were very accommodating and rescheduled for the following day without any issues. I was completely amazed. The pick up was early at 4:15am and they had blankets for us in the van. We stopped for a delicious breakfast halfway. (They also accommodated my daughter’s diet due to allergies and cooked special food for her) ❤️ We arrived at the bottom of the mountain and it only got better from there. We did the horse option, which I would recommend, and we were off to the top. Efra made sure my family of 5 were all settled on our horses and stayed with us the whole way up. We went as far as the horses could take us and then we had to walk. I consider myself and my family to be in pretty good shape and the hiking up to the summit can be difficult due to the elevation. Efra never once made us feel like we were taking too long or walking too slow. He was fantastic and a great cheerleader. He helped us set goals to reach for breaks, which is great. It made the trip not seem so impossible. He also took pictures for us, which is great because I am hardly ever in my group family photos because I’m the one taking them. Once we successfully reached the summit we walked around the top and took pictures and just took it all in. Still he never rushed us once. Once we enjoyed all that we wanted we made our way down the mountain. Loaded up and made our way back to Cusco. We stopped for lunch at the halfway point again. Food was delish. Efra was very nice and told us a lot about the Inkan History❤️. To sum it all up. Fantastic experience! Fantastic company! Fantastic tour guide!
Fabiana P
Fabiana P
Super Full Day Sacred Valley We had a full day tour of the Sacred Valley with our guide, Adolfo and our driver, Michael. The organisation was perfect: good communication in advance, prompt pick-up and timely organised to avoid most other tours and enjoy the sights with less people. We especially appreciated our guide who was very knowledgeable in all the sights and answered all our questions, was also very friendly and accommodating of our requests like stopping for pictures along the way! The tour is spectacular and perfectly organised, can only recommend !
The best experience of life time! This was my best International trip. And it wouldn’t have been possible without our tour guide Adolfo, the driver Mario and co-ordinator Ifra. They are simply the best team to work with! We took 2-day Machu Pichu tour from Cusco and had the best experience of life time with a comfortable ride, customized tour that fit our schedule and preferences. I explored many more options on Viator but I found Peru Spirit Adventure on Google search. Ifra took care of all co-ordination and ticket bookings even at 1 am on a short notice. Mario did a wonderful and safe driving as we were traveling with our two kids. And Adolfo treated us like his family! Highly recommended!
Kaylee J
Kaylee J
A Must Do Tour in the Sacred Valley! This review is long overdue but I still wanted to write about our memorable experience with Peru Spirit Adventure. We did the Full-Day Private Tour of the Sacred Valley with Fredy as our guide and Mario as our driver in June 2022. They picked us up from our hotel in Ollantaytambo and spent the whole day driving us to various sites and then dropping us off at another hotel in Cusco. Fredy was very knowledgeable and he even brought a book to show us about the ancient Incan culture which we really appreciated. We actually ended up buying the same book at a bookstore in Cusco as a souvenir. Fredy took his time to show us the sites and we never felt rushed. He was with us to show us the sites and answered all of our questions but gave us time to explore on our own. Mario, our driver, was amazing too. He didn't speak English but his manner and gestures were so kind, gracious, and genuine. It's been a year since we've been to Peru but our family still talks about what a wonderful adventure it was and this tour was definitely a part of it. Thank you Fredy and Mario!
Fun family day Super informative and patient guide. Wonderful experience. Went out of their way to customize for us and everyone had a great time (group of 8 with kids aged 11-15)
Andrew B
Andrew B
Local company with attention to detail makes for a very, very special adventure My wife and I travelled with Peru Spirit Adventure on the 3-day Sacred Valley/MP tour in late February. We are so glad that we chose the company. Peru Spirit Adventure are a small Cusco based enterprise looking to establish among some bigger players. The company brings added value, with strong communication leading up to the tour, a great attention to attention to detail and to clients needs, a very deep knowledge of Andean culture and history and strong and friendly relations with us. We undertook a 3-day Sacred Valley tour, lead and guided by Efra and driven by 'Mr Boots' Mario. The vehicle was in great condition and Mario a first-class, careful and considerate driver. Our tour including a first day to Pisac, a sacred spring, the amazing labyrinth, a tour of a local camelid stock before ending at the stunning Sacsayhuaman.We convered much, but never felt rushed. Our second day started at the town of Chinchero and its ruins, a fascinating tour of a women's textile cooperative before heading to the amazing Ollantaytambo. Throughout, Efra conveyed information with enthusiasm and interest, and always answered our questions. Efra is himself a keen photographer, and knows very well the best views, often offering shots which were gratefully received. He also always gave great recommendations of spots for lunch that so suited us. In the evening, we heading by train to Aguas Calientes - at every stage, Efra was taking care of the details - tickets, times, to make sure our journey was suiting us, and hassle free. Tackling problems before they could arise - eg checking first bus times and buying tickets in advance so we didnt have to queue. Of course, a highlight was our visit to Machu Picchu, and knowing how the visit works, Efra helped it work best for us. With a one-way circuit, and heavy early mist, a 45 minute wait at the top made sure we got the most from our visit when the clouds lifted. This is something several of the groups missed out on. Thank you Efra, and to your colleagues behind the scenes - you made a special lifetime adventure so very memorable for us. We hope that you and your company get the chance in the coming months and years to do so again for many others.
Nicole W
Nicole W
100% Recommend The 2 day Inca Trail was fantastic- easier than expected and our guide Adolfo was excellent! Recommend 100%


Cusco Alternative Treks – Inca Trail Alternative Treks

Hiking the Cusco alternative treks to Machu Picchu is “off the beaten path” that combines spectacular high Andean scenery with own charm & unique vistas some of Cusco alternative treks culminate at the glorious ruins of Machu Picchu and some of them no. Most treks last four or five days and we offer enhanced holidays. All treks require several days acclimatization to high altitude & a good level of fitness. Also, Hiking the Inca Trail can be very challenging.

Active Peru Spirit Adventure offers a wide range of Cusco alternative treks to Machu Picchu with unique experiences to little known and less touristy places that will take you away from the beaten track.The hiking adventure in the Andes is our passion that we would like to share with you. Contact an expert local company to assure trip planning is seamless to Cusco alternative treks or Classic Inca Trail. Please take a look below for available options of the Cusco alternative treks.


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Thank you for booking and/or traveling on a Peru Spirit Adventure tour with Peru Spirit Adventure. We are 100% local Cusqueñan company and legally recognized by Peruvian law. These Terms and Conditions apply to any travel products and/or services purchased from Peru Spirit Adventure. A contract is entered into once PERU SPIRIT ADVENTURE receives your booking form and deposit, and we accept and confirm the booking. Please note that travel arrangements are not confirmed until stated so in writing by PERU SPIRIT ADVENTURE. All Peru Spirit Adventure based treks and tours are operated by Peru Spirit Adventure.


To reserve any of our tours and treks services, the customer must submit his or her personal information and a deposit. The personal information we require is the following: Full name (as appears on passport), Date of Birth, Nationality, Gender, and Passport number.

  • A picture of their passport photo page. A camera phone picture or similar is acceptable.

Once the customer confirms their reservation, we will send an email within 24 hours with a confirmation of their tour or trek and the deposit amount and also, details of the services included and not included in the service price. Once we send this information to the customer, if we do not receive any response from the customer it will be assumed by the company that the customer has accepted all terms and conditions. We provide a full pre-tour briefing at your hotel in Cusco. This gives the customer the chance to ask any questions they may have about the tour or trek itinerary.— ABOUT THE BRIEFING: The night before your tour or trek, there will be a pre-tour talk (briefing) at your hotel in Cusco at either 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm. (exact time will be confirmed by email). Once you receive your briefing time, if we do not hear back we will assume it is confirmed by you. Please take this into consideration when booking your travel plans to Cusco, ensuring you arrive in time for the briefing. If your tour or trek begins on a Monday then the briefing will be scheduled for the Saturday before.

  • Please note that it is difficult to change the briefing time and date at short notice. Therefore, if we receive a request for a briefing change less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled briefing, we most likely will not be able to change the briefing time or date. We will, however, do everything we can to change to try and accommodate the schedule change.


We use PayPal for sending deposits, that way you can use your credit card. There is a 6% fee for deposits using PayPal (for the international transfer). We also use Western Union for sending deposits, Deposits through Western Union have variable fees. The deposit amount depends on the type of itinerary you will book, as follows;

  • For all trek and multi-day tours, we require a deposit of $250 USD per person — Deposits for tours and treks are non-refundable and non-transferable to another individual. There are no exceptions.
  • For the Rainbow Mountain tours & hikes we require a deposit of $100 USD per person — Deposits for tours and treks are non-refundable and non-transferable to another individual. There are no exceptions.
  • For the Humantay Lake Day Trip, we require a deposit of $100 USD per person — Deposits for tours and treks are non-refundable and non-transferable to another individual. There are no exceptions.
  • For the Sacred Valley Tours & Trips, we require a deposit of $100 USD (for the group) — Deposits for tours and treks are non-refundable and non-transferable to another individual. There are no exceptions.
  • For the Cusco Half Day Tours, we require a deposit of $50 USD (for the group) — Deposits for tours and treks are non-refundable and non-transferable to another individual. There are no exceptions.
  • For large groups, we accept wire transfer for deposits and final balances due. If you would like more information about the wire transfer option, please email us at

FINAL PAYMENTS: We accept cash and PayPal for final payments. A client may not depart for the tour or trek until payment in full is received, either in cash or by PayPal.

  • Cash payments are due the day before tour or trek departure and can be paid at the pre-tour or trek briefing. We accept US dollars and Peruvian soles for cash payments. If you will pay in US dollars. Take note. The Peruvian banks are extremely strict about the “quality” of dollars they will accept. Therefore, we have to request that your bills are what they call “unbroken”. Broken bills will not be accepted. Broken means — any tear (even as small as 3 mm) or excessive wrinkling
  • PayPal payments are due one week before the tour or trek departure. a) There is an 8% fee on balance due payments using PayPal. b) If the balance via PayPal is not paid by 3 days prior to trek departure, the PayPal fee will be 10%. Our PayPal email is:
  • All banking fees will be covered by the client



  • Notification of cancellation must always be made in writing by the person that made the booking and paid the deposit to


  • Your deposit for the tours and treks are 100% non-refundable. If you need to cancel for any reason, as you approach your tour start date, there may be additional cost due. There are no exceptions due to the fact, that PERU SPIRIT ADVENTURE expends a great deal of expense purchasing permits, entrance tickets, and making deposits for reservations or services, most of which are non-changeable, non-transferable, and non-refundable by government regulation. We also do not accept medical notes of any kind, as our out of pocket expenses are non-refundable to us.


  • Cancellations made 30 days in advance have no charge (with the exception of the non-refundable deposit) with the following exception:
  • Inca Trail treks
  • In the case of cancellation, the customer will not receive a refund of their deposit
  • If the customer cancels between 30 and 10 days before their trek, they must pay 50% of the total trip cost.
  • If the customer cancels between 10 and 3 days before their trek, they must pay 80% of the total cost.
  • If the customer cancels 2 days or less before their trek, they must pay 100% of the total cost.
  • In the exceptional case that a customer decides to leave once they have started the trek, no refund will be given. The customer must also pay any additional expenses they incur such as food, lodging, and transportation. On the last day, the customer will be able to rejoin the group and participate in the Machu Picchu tour.
  • If after the tour has started a client cannot participate in the trek or tour (due to sickness, physical problems, etc.) no refund will be given. The customer must also pay any additional costs they incur for transportation, lodging, and food. On the last day, the tourist will be able to rejoin the group and participate in the Machu Picchu tour.
  • In the case of natural disaster that prevents a service being completed, the customer will receive a 50% refund.
  • In the case of a natural disaster that requires a change in the trek route, but the trek is still completed, there will be no refund.
  • In the very unlikely circumstance that your service is not completed due to a fault of Peru Spirit Adventure, you will receive a full refund (including your deposit).


  • PERMITS: Permits for the Inca Trail are in your name and can not be transferred to anyone else under any circumstances. Change of dates is also not possible once a permit has been purchased. Permits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The deposit will be forfeited. Please note that this is a regulation of the Peruvian government and not Peru Spirit Adventure (or any agency).
  • In extreme cases when the “Inca Trail to Machu Picchu” is declared closed for safety reasons, Peru Spirit Adventure will replace your trek with an alternative trek.
  • Those who booked PERMITS with a Student ID must bring that ID with them on the trek. If they fail to show this card to the Park Rangers, they will not be allowed entry onto the trail.


  • Please note that for the Inca Trail, permits are not-changeable, not-transferable, and not-refundable. Dates can never be changed by government policy.

With the exception of the Inca Trail treks, we are generally able to change a trek date.

  • To change the date of your non-Inca Trail trek, there is a fee of US $75 per person if the change occurs more than 30 days prior to trek departure.
  • If the change occurs 21 to 30 days prior to trek departure, the fee is US $100 per person.
  • If the change occurs 10 to 20 days before trek departure, the fee is US $150 per person.
  • Changes less than 10 days prior to trek departure will have varying fees, which can be discussed at the time the change is being made.
  • Changes made must be to another group trek for a minimum of 2 individuals. If a single traveler needs to change dates, and there is not an existing option for that date, the change will not be possible.


  • We highly recommend travel insurance for all of our customers.
  • Coverage should include baggage loss, accident, emergency air rescue and trip cancellation. Trip cancellation insurance should reimburse you for non-recoverable air or land expenses should you cancel your trip due to personal or family illness, as well as covering any medical or emergency evacuation expenses if you become ill during your trip.
  • In the case of illness or injury on one of our treks or tours, we are trained to provide emergency first aid and arrange transportation to a proper medical facility. However, we are not responsible for the cost of those transportation services or the cost of medical care.


  • Once you book your tour, we send your information immediately to “Machu Picchu Park” in order for permits to be issued as soon as possible.
  • You will need to bring your actual passport for all services. A photocopy will not be accepted.
  • The information we will to Machu Picchu Park includes your full name, passport number, nationality, gender, and age. That information cannot be modified.
    • The only exception is in the case of a changed passport number due to renewal.
      • If your passport number changes between reserving your spot and the start of your trek, you will need to bring your old as well as your new passport to the start of the Trek.
    • If any of the information on your passport does not match the information we were previously provided, you won’t be able to start the trek.
  • If you arrive in Cusco and did not advise us that you have a new passport number, and that your information has changed, Peru Spirit Adventure will not be held responsible. In this situation it will be the responsibility of the customer to pay the extra expense of returning to Cusco or Machu Picchu (transportation, food and other expenses).

TRAVEL IN PERU: Peru Spirit Adventure operates in regions, where standards of accommodation can vary. Transportation and other services might not be like those you would normally have back home. However, we strive with all due care and skill, to provide the best service for our clients. Traveling in Peru requires flexibility, patience, broad-mindedness, good humor and an understanding that changes may be made without notice due to circumstances or occurrences beyond our control. For example: a strike, protest, landslide, bad weather, etc. (Force Majeure). By booking any of our tours & treks, you agree to allow Peru Spirit Adventure to make necessary changes without liability.


Force Majeure is any event that PERU SPIRIT ADVENTURE cannot with all due care foresee, control or avoid. This covers events such as war or threat of war, riot, civil strike, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, disease, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, fire or all similar events beyond our control. In this case, PERU SPIRIT ADVENTURE will not accept liability and reserves the right to change, postpone or even cancel trips. (This is a last option, of course!)


By booking any of our adventure trips (Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Lares, Salkantay, Ausangate, Choquequirao, Rainbow Mountain trek and more) you assume the risks associated with personal accidents, medical emergencies, air travel problems etc. For these treks, PERU SPIRIT ADVENTURE Agency accepts no responsibility.


  • You must advise Peru Spirit Adventure of any medical problems or allergies you may have. You need to be in good physical health, and if your health is questionable, then you should consult a doctor. If you are over the age of 70 years old, then you will need to present us with a current good health medical certificate.
  • You must advise your guide if you wish to leave the group or the camping area for independent walks or sightseeing. If you are experiencing any problems with the services of the guide or tour, please advise the guide in that moment, so that he can resolve any problems.
  • All balances need to be paid in either cash or PayPal (see “FINAL PAYMENTS” section above).
  • In order to receive a student discount, you must send your valid University ID to Peru Spirit Adventure at the time of booking. ID must have your name, photo and valid expiration date. Any card without an expiration date will not be accepted. You will then be required to bring your student card with you on the trek – they will not allow you to pass through the checkpoint without this original card.
  • You will be required to show the original passport (not a copy) that you booked with, at the checkpoint to enter the Inca Trail. If you originally booked with an old passport and then renewed your passport, you must also bring your expired passport along with your new, valid passport to permit entry or they will refuse your entrance to the trail.
  • Cancellations: Your deposit is 100% non-refundable. If you need to cancel for any reason, as you approach your tour start date, there may be additional cost due. There are absolutely no exceptions (we do not accept medical notes of any kind) as our out of pocket expenses are non-refundable to us (see “CANCELLATION FEES” section above).
  • PERMITS: Permits for the Inca Trail are in your name and can not be transferred to anyone else under any circumstances. Change of dates is also not possible once a permit has been purchased. Permits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The deposit will be forfeited. Please note that this is a regulation of the Peruvian government and not PERU SPIRIT ADVENTURE (or any agency).
  • All Adventure Treks include transportation to Cusco. The return train route depends on train availability.
  • If you become ill or injured on the trail and are unable to continue, a porter will be provided to accompany you back to an area with emergency assistance capabilities. Helicopter airlifts and medical assistance are at the expense of the trekker. If you are unable to complete the tour due to illness, we will assist you in meeting your group at Machu Picchu to recommence your tour at that point. There will be no refund of the original payment.
  • PERU SPIRIT ADVENTURE will take all reasonable care in providing to our clients avoidance of accident, illness, and loss of personal property, and will only employ suitably qualified staff. We accept responsibility for the actions of our own employees. Peru Spirit Adventure cannot, however, be responsible for any action of third parties. You are totally responsible for your own personal property and rented equipment.
  • PERU SPIRIT ADVENTURE does not take responsibility for unfavorable weather conditions, natural catastrophe, strikes, accidents, illness, injury, loss of personal ítems, etc. It is the client’s responsibility to carry insurance to cover these types of events. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the program due to any of the unforeseen conditions listed above.
  • In extreme cases when the “Inca Trail to Machu Picchu” is declared closed for safety reasons, Peru Spirit Adventure will replace your trek with an alternative trek.


  • We strongly suggest spending time at high altitude (above 3000 meters / 9842 feet)- in Cusco or another high altitude area for a minimum of 2- 4 days before undertaking your trip. This is in order to minimize the possible effects of altitude sickness. By drinking plenty of fluids, adding sugar to your drinks, eating food high in carbohydrates, avoiding cigarettes, alcohol, and drinking coca tea (ancient traditional leaf) will help your body acclimatize.
  • We recommend you arrive in Cusco 48 hours or more before trek departure because occasionally we need to leave earlier than scheduled in case of strikes or other events out of our control (see ‘Force Majeure’ section below)


You accept and grant to Peru Spirit Adventure – Tour Operator the right to use your images, photos, and videos that show or describe during your participation in any tour, trekking or adventure, in any advertising of any type, without payment of any additional consideration.

Thanks again for choosing us and we look forward to seeing you in Cusco!

Peru Spirit Adventure Team!

Peru Spirit Adventure

Who is Peru Spirit Adventure? We are a small tour operator company owned by a local Peruvian experts with more than 10 years of experience as a guide. Our office is based in Cusco, a city in the Peruvian Andes and is located near the central square, Plaza del Armas. Our team is made up of knowledgeable and passionate tour guides from Cusco and Andes with many years of experience Read more



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